Missing Someone Dear

What happens on those days when family is supposed to gather,

except the kinfolk no longer feel familial

and you haven’t heard all year from him nor her

When the strings that bound y’all together

death cut them clean apart.

The attempts to keep traditions seem lame and lackluster

because you can’t seem to muster those warm and fuzzy feelings anymore

grief and memories beat Uncle and Auntie to your door

people post they love you for all the world to see

yet fail to actually be sociable and present with you and me

Life happens and yeah phones work both ways

and it’s hard to think of holding up everyone else on your shoulders when you’re having dark days

Yet you trudge along and try to hold your head up

above griefs pounding waves

and you hold fast to your faith because you know it saves

You used to look forward to the holidays because it meant time spent with the family

But nowadays it’s just a reminder of all those no longer with you and me

In life you have to take the bitter with the sweet

so you have to take a seat at the once full table now bearing witness with empty seats

So during this season where so