Born Free??

A friend of mine posted a picture by this amazing and talented artist ➡️ and my creative juices went to work on a poem. So check out the poem and more importantly check out his website above for amazing art work, paintings, illustrations and more…👨🏾‍🎨🎨

Born Free??

Nine whole months my mother nurtured me thinking once I’m born I’d be free but this country has a plan for me they branded me with a target and planted seeds subliminally they start off by labeling me in school it’s not in a child’s nature to sit still for hours but they change the narrative because they hold the power I can’t see myself pictured in any of the books unless it’s February or the images have labels of thugs and crooks White washing history, not allowing images of our greatness before slavery to make their way to me Inoculating my body and indoctrinating my mind Then have the nerve to blame my parents for why I have no culture or pride They poison the food and set the mood for my down fall dreams get shattered and scattered across sidewalks littered with trash and filled with shadows shadows of people meant to serve and protect yet they look awful suspect, when killing someone based on the color or their skin oh wait they fit a description once again? freedom can only be used loosely police step on necks where those nooses used to be bullets end lives quicker because the earth is so much sicker so my brown eyes cry every day since my birth knowing this cold world doesn’t see my worth. ~micaiah 5/14/2020 ©MYD-Dreams LLC

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