never can say good bye even after a year it still seems foreign to try I remember being awakened from my sleep to cries that you were now resting in peace for a second I lost touch with reality Could this really be true but I soon gained more proof the world had truly lost you it’s hard living life with no more talks no more shared books read or inside jokes I just knew we’d grow to be old folks You were my sister, my friend and a spiritual sharpener when your soul left time seemed to stand still it felt surreal I was bereft left fumbling to rationalize within my mind, to accept this loss as a truth There are days I’m great and there’s days when simply I’m not I know life is for living so I keep pushing I dare not stop There is so much more I needed to share so much more wisdom and encouragement I needed to hear You were a sister-friend so near and dear to my heart. I carry your memories forever with me may they never depart. ~micaiah

Continue to rest in power Sis💙 Hilakiyah Yisrael 3/10/70-5/5/2019

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