Illustrator: Dariea Shorter is an amazingly multi-talented poet/writer, graphic designer and artist. With instinctive God-given talent, Dariea is a natural for embodying energy and life forces into his creations. He creates in various mediums and listens to the needs of his customers/clients in order to produce personalized art. The Gift of Being Peculiar was his first work as a children's book illustrator and from this joint effort future books will now be born. Different artwork, produces different energy and his artist handle changes to reflect those differences: so whether he is creating as Selah, Knowbodye, M'Klel or Exu it is all authentically Dariea. The included gallery is just a small sample of the amazing work that Mr. Shorter is capable of producing. He can be found on Facebook as Dariea Shorter and on Twitter as @M0U5