Roller Coaster Of A Journey


A personal experience with vicarious tendecies. It is a collection of thoughts, poetry and essays, meant to provoke thoughts, feelings and personal reflection.

The ride will be different for each reader, as perspectives and experience will lend to the experience.

Come take a ride with me.

The Mirage of Love


Lust left unbridled often leads to drama and consequences

Consequences often lead to innocent victims and death

Because what’s done in the dark

Has a way of crawling towards the light

And you know what they say, friends make the best lovers

except when they belong to another

And if the saying is really true

then why do we often ignore what we need

In search of the superficial things that we want

Sometimes you discover, what we call love isn't really love at all

It's more or less a convenient cover, laid over hidden intentions

It's lust and chemistry, dressed up like love

Love builds you up and is self-less

Love challenges you to be your best self

Anything else is just smoke and mirrors

Anything else is just the mirage of love.

The Mirage of Love 2: Reality Reigns


Mimi and Aaron are back and attempting to repair and work through the damge they've caused. What started as best friends crossing the line into the realm of secret lovers has turned into so much more drama than either Mimi or Aaron bargained for. Love can be complex, especially when combined by lust induced complications. Lines will be drawn, friendships and loyalty will be tested. Sometimes the very things that test us are what proves us as well, and sometimes it takes pain in order to face the truth, because whether you want to face it or not, reality reigns.

The Gift Of Being Peculiar


​We must teach children to embrace the power of being different.Kenza is a beautiful young girl that's not afraid to do her own thing and stand out from the crowd. She understands that not everyone will like or love you, so it's important to learn to love yourself. Kenza has learned to embrace being different and wants to help other children learn the gift and beauty of being peculiar, by sharing her mothers' wisdom and some affirming words, she does just that.