The Gift of Being Peculiar

We must teach children to embrace the power of being different.Kenza is a beautiful young girl that's not afraid to do her own thing and stand out from the crowd. She understands that not everyone will like or love you, so it's important to learn to love yourself. Kenza has learned to embrace being different and wants to help other children learn the gift and beauty of being peculiar, by sharing her mothers' wisdom and some affirming words, she does just that.

Illustrator: Dariea Shorter is an amazingly multi-talented poet, graphic designer and artist, whom creates images that are fluid and emotion filled. His pictures are teaming with life and energy. Whether he's creating with pencil, pen and ink or painting, he breathes life and depth into everything he touches. He has done individual and family portraits, comic style projects, free style projects, album covers and has now tossed his hat into the ring of children's book illustrations. He can be found on Facebook as Dariea Shorter and on Twitter as @M0U5  

Children must be taught the gift of being different. They must be groomed and esteemed to be the leaders of tomorrow.



Helping children realize, they don't fit in, because they were born with the gift to stand out. Embrace It!



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